Do you like the purist sound, or correct for vibrations in your car. Maybe you have assymetric hearing loss and need to eq the left and right ear differently.

Equalizer - Enhance your music in your music library on your device. Manual here

RadEQ - Enhance music of online streaming radio stations

CloudEQ - Enhance music from the cloud (SoundCloud and Dropbox, for now)


Equalizer, multiband compressor, wave form editing, recording, sweeping filters, Audiobus, Audiocopy we have lots of tools for you.

Remaster - EQ and compress your audio. Audio Unit, Audiobus and inter app audio support

Reforge - Manipulate wave forms by touch: Copy, cut, paste, filters, tempo, pitch

Auditory Processing Disorder

Listening therapy program to promote sensory processing in children with autism and others with sensory processing disorder (SPD).

EASe - Listening therapy


Reducing the risk of injury by increasing cadence and reducing impact on the ground. Sophisticated tempo adjustment allows dialing in the tempo and running to all your music at that tempo.

AudioStep - Running with all your music to the beat

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